C for Centurion, C for Curators

9:03 AM IST.
So what went down yesterday in no particular order?

Well, a friend of mine sent me this link that opened up avenues in my mind to what a good fight scene is actually like. Actually, since there are many different ways to do stuff, the proper words would be: I found another style of writing a good piece of action-

But that's not all,it also expounds on some of the things that tend to happen in a fight thereby speaking of some fighting psychology.

Since I'm thinking of holding an action writing workshop at the local meetup I often go to, this will be a big help.

DMed a fellow instagrammer who has recently begun writing book reviews to collaborate with her for a giveaway. Undecided on when to do so, but it most likely won't be anytime soon.

As GaryVee says, commenting on the posts of those who are in the same industry as you is extremely important. So....did that. Not only increases my own exposure, but also if one keeps commenting on the latest posts and stories of specific people again and again, it'll help to forge a good relationship with them. And having people who are much better than you in your craft is vital for my own growth.

Although my craft is writing novels, and I'm taking actions to slowly build bonds with people in that area, but I also plan on doing a few of the stuff that book reviewers do,so that way I can provide more value to my readers than other writers and constantly be in their mind one way or another.

Sure, regarding forming bonds, it sounds as though I'm doing it only so as to make use of them later, but I'm not stupid enough to believe that everyone I'm investing my time into would agree to help when I ask them, which is why I'm also training myself to give without expectations - once again,as GaryVee says.

Now,back to what else I did yesterday:

Read quite a bit of “The Agent of Rome: Imperial Banner”. At page 48 now.
One term I picked up from the book,that I gotta look up:
Then there’s:
centurion= someone who commands an army of 100.
I don’t think I have read of this word at any other time apart from when the novels I’ve read were talking of a Roman army. So might be a term unique to them.

Then there's:
with an iron hand.

A good idiom, that'll come in very handy to me. (pun unintended)

Pic: Nick Brown, author.

Also seems like my earlier deduction that this novel has multiple main characters but no clear protagonist was said a little too soon, because it turns out that this novel I got off the sale is actually the second in a series,which also means a few references would fly over my head - as for the protagonist thing,it does have one.

The author Nick Brown ,I found out has penned 11 books so far,with quite the obsession with historical fiction. Well, all I can say is:
"It's a match!"
I was looking for some historical fiction novels and from the book I'm reading...he's pretty good at it.

Yesterday's Medium post wasn't edited after publishing but it wasn't accepted for review by Medium's curators. Maybe even editing the draft is a bad idea(but that seems dumb,and not likely the case) , or rather, the algorithm downright doesn't allow it to be accepted to be reviewed by them if it's posted by mobile - or could only be an issue for Android phones.

Started studying the behaviours of book reviewers I follow on Instagram yesterday. Here are the things I observed:

They write the review after they finish the book,not while the reading is ongoing.
When it's ongoing - some do giveaways, some ask questions, some tell a story of their day, some just say their thoughts, some take pics of all the books they finished that month/week or just pics of many or all of the books/bookshelves.

Oh, also seems like I've been finally accepted by Ascent Pub as a contributor. I might have been accepted earlier, but since I use the app and not the browser, found that out only when I logged into it today. Was about to tweet them how long would it take, glad I thought to recheck first.

Installed another app to get free pics to post with my Medium articles- called Pixabay. I already use Resplash, but that wasn't enough.

Also,read these following articles:
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Here’s How You Start Building Your Brand for Free by Steve Campbell


And,was really looking forward to read the following article but my free member preview had expired:
A Guide To Writing Fight Scenes by Richie Billing


If you have tips in how I could improve my writing of these documentation of my journey towards becoming a great writer,please let me know in the comments

I believe in pursuing one's curiousities over a career. And some of my current curiousities involve deconstructing and talking about manga, manhwa, webtoons.